What to consider when choosing a shoe manufacturer?

The modern customer is an informed customer, so it’s good to know what ideas accompany the production of your favorite shoe brand. You can read about how to recognize a reputable manufacturer in the latest article on our website.

Do you ever wonder how you buy shoes? Many people start their search for the most comfortable pair of shoes with a preliminary selection by brand name.

There are stores that you simply must visit, and in them, your favorite brands that are worth asking about. This way, we limit the field of decisions made.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a shoe manufacturer?

Shoe manufacturers in Poland

It is undoubtedly worth buying Polish products because it contributes to the economic growth of our country.

The fashion for western products is slowly losing importance, mainly because the quality of local products does not differ from European and global standards, and sometimes it is even much higher. The same applies to the quality of shoes produced in Poland.

Good quality of footwear above all

When we buy new shoes, comfort is the top priority. It is also good if they fit the occasion for which we need them, but also if they are of high quality.

Whether the product will be durable and resistant, for example to atmospheric conditions, depends primarily on the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing technique.

Technology used in shoe production

When choosing a specific shoe manufacturer, it is worth finding out what the production process of the shoes looks like step by step.

Both the materials used to make the shoes and the systems used to attach the upper to the sole will be important – the durability of the shoes often depends on this, and as a result – user satisfaction. The use of modern technologies in footwear factories also enables the production of shoes with additional functions and applications, such as waterproof properties.

At Conhpol, we use various technologies that make our shoes of high quality and comfortable for users with various needs. Those struggling with foot pain can confidently use shoes created in the Comfort++ technology, characterized by foam that provides extra softness. The Extra Wide shoes, on the other hand, will be suitable for

a customer with a slightly wider foot. Customers will also find height-increasing shoes with a special insole created by our footwear technologists in our product range.


Popular shoe production technologies include:

  • Blake system (simple sewn system) – the upper is sewn together with the sole and sole;
  • Moccasin system – the upper is not nailed to the last;
  • Sewn-in system – characterized by a high elasticity of the upper, the use of foam and a carbon lining, as well as a flexible sole.

Footwear materials used

We also cannot be indifferent to the materials from which the shoes we buy are made.

It is important that they come from reliable sources, are obtained in an ethical and ecological manner, while meeting all European standards.

A leather shoe manufacturer who values environmental care will choose shoe materials that are made without heavy metals and chemicals that are harmful to nature, thereby not affecting the environment.


Exotic skins that possess necessary CITES certificates may be among the materials used for shoe production. This certificate must be carried with us, for example, during air travel, where customs officials may be interested in whether our shoes are made of legally sourced leather.


The outer material is not everything. Insoles and shoe soles are equally important. A manufacturer who pays attention to details will ensure that insoles and linings in shoes have the highest possible air permeability index, as well as antiperspirant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Meanwhile, good quality soles will be characterized by durability and lightness, as well as being made of eco-friendly materials.


When choosing your trusted shoe manufacturer, it is worth examining the values that the brand is based on and what distinguishes it from the competition.

At Conhpol, we guarantee shoes of Polish origin that will be made of materials that meet the highest quality standards and use technologies that provide exceptional user comfort.


We also have a special offer for entrepreneurs who would like to commission us to produce shoes and then sell them under their own brand.

Read more about private label and contact us to learn about the details of our cooperation.