Cooperation with Conhpol

With more than 40 years of experience, Conhpol is a creative business partner who is receptive to the requirements of buyers and users. We work with wholesale customers from 50 countries across 5 continents.


We can fulfil orders that are customised for particular international markets thanks to our in-house design and construction office and manufacturing facility in Poland. At each step of the order process, we give our customers advice and support.

We offer:

  • a wide selection from the 10,000 models on sale at all times,
  •  the possibility of manufacturing different types of footwear: premium, business, sports, casual, comfort, orthopaedic, dance, children’s, non-standard,
  •  preparation of the product for participation in international tenders,
  •  assistance in selecting models to match the brand image,
  •  possibility to fully personalise the product and to reserve models,
  •  support with marketing activities.

Our Clients

The Shoemaker - Powered by Conhpol

At CONHPOL, we understand how important

a brand and its image are.


We don’t compromise on quality.

CONHPOL represents the highest quality of materials used and the utmost attention to detail at every stage of production.


This allows us to offer our customers the opportunity to create their own collection based on their potential.


For more information, please visit the

Private Label section.