Private Label

Create a collection under your own brand

At CONHPOL, we recognise the value of a brand image. As a result, we can give our Customers the option to design their own collection in accordance with their potential.


What is a white label? What do you get from working with us and what are the benefits of private label manufacturing?


Private label manufacturing is the ideal solution for those who would like to sell their own branded shoes but do not have the capacity to produce them themselves. Do you have a vision of footwear, but you lack the technological facilities to produce it? Show us your project and we will turn it into a product. CONHPOL takes care of the entire production process (from design to labeling and packaging), but this is your brand, so at every stage you decide about the details.


We also have over 10,000 designs of ready-made footwear, from which you can choose those that you will brand with your own brand (white label). Simply put your logo on the product and pack it in the company box and it is ready for distribution. You can sell the finished product as you wish: either in your own showroom or in an online shop.


An important advantage of private label cooperation is the lower investment costs resulting from the reduced expenditure on the technological facilities and staff required to manufacture the footwear.

Why us?

We are the pioneer of private label in the footwear industry in Poland. Since 1978 we have been the leader in the family market. Mamy wiedzę, doświadczenie i wszelkie warunki techniczne do produkcji obuwia sygnowanego Twoją marką.Today, almost 50% of our production is private label shoes made in CONHPOL and sold under different brands. We are not only concerned with production, but also with the real support (creative and business) of our contractors at every stage of the collaboration.


We offer our contractors:

  • more than 10,000 footwear models with each having up to 100 variations,
  • complete product customisation and the reservation of models that represent the brand image,
  • the potential for developing a pilot sample to evaluate market interest,
  • flexibility and speed of production required under time pressure,
  • graphic designs made by our marketing department.

Your own brand – step by step

  1. Project selection – You can choose one of the many projects in our catalogue or suggest your own idea. Our design team will be happy to work out a pattern for you to present.
  2. Valuation – we will estimate the costs and inform you about them so that our cooperation is open and based on trust.
  3. Acceptance – we can prepare several trial versions of the footwear. You will either choose the model that best suits your expectations or we will do a pilot series (we will launch different versions of the model on the market and see which is the most popular).

Highest quality – our business card

We do not compromise on quality. CONHPOL means the highest quality of materials used and the greatest attention to detail at every stage of production. Handwork guarantees comfort and aesthetics.


We have access to almost 2,000 types of leather from which footwear is made. When starting cooperation, you can use our materials or suggest suppliers. We will check the raw material for quality and durability to make sure that it meets European standards and norms.


Leather footwear for men and women is a timeless choice. A classic that never goes out of fashion. So if you are planning to sell these types of products under your own brand, trust the experts – a company that has been successfully operating in the industry for more than 40 years, winning awards, constantly improving the qualifications of its employees, expanding its range and its reach.

Private label in Poland and abroad

During the many years of activity of our company, we have established numerous business contacts in Poland and abroad. We work with wholesale customers from 50 countries across 5 continents.. Our products’ multidirectional development has enabled us to create a market structure in which 70% of our sales are exported to countries such as Italy, Germany, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Oman, the UAE, Canada, Mongolia, Qatar and the United States.

Cooperation with CONHPOL

Do you want to create a brand that combines classic elegance with a touch of extravagance? Or do you want something completely innovative, setting new fashion trends? We are open to new challenges. We have lots of ideas, but we also know how to listen. Show us your project and we’ll help turn it into a success!


For more information, please feel free to contact us at We will be happy to answer any questions and present our portfolio of activities to date.