Polish manufacturer of hiking boots

During mountain hikes, we expect two critical aspects from our footwear: comfort and safety. Comfort is crucial during long hours on hiking trails. Trekking boots should also provide protection on demanding terrain. At Conhpol, we understand that their traction and optimal cushioning are key parameters sought by every hiker.

Decades of experience in the market provide us with a foundation to define the requirements for Polish hiking boots. So, what should the ideal footwear for long-distance hiking be like? Here are our insights as a Polish manufacturer of trekking footwear.

Waterproof yet breathable.

In the mountains, weather conditions tend to change quickly. Therefore, it’s safer to choose boots that can withstand a sudden downpour. Long hikes may also lead across shallow streams or rivers without bridges, making a higher tolerance for wet paths a crucial feature for trekking boots. At Conhpol, we employ special systems in the entire shoe construction that promote waterproofing. Additionally, we use high-quality, waterproof materials. Ensuring that hiking boots are waterproof shouldn’t compromise breathability. Maintaining continuous airflow enhances the comfort of using this type of footwear and minimizes the unpleasant experience of wet feet.

Lightweight hiking boots

A long hiking journey can be quite taxing on the feet. Therefore, adding excessive weight in the form of bulky footwear is not advisable. The trekking boots crafted in the workshops of Conhpol craftsmen are ultralight, ensuring that even during prolonged use, there’s no fatigue from wearing the shoes.

Cushioning in trekking footwear

Manufacturers of trekking footwear strive to provide increasingly better fitting of the shoe shape to the natural characteristics of the feet. Proper contouring is important not only for comfort and ease of use but primarily impacts achieving the right level of safety when traversing demanding terrain. Uneven surfaces and slippery terrains that reduce traction are an easy path to injuries, and the likelihood of these can be mitigated with well-designed hiking boots. The proper selection of insoles and sole materials ensures shock absorption, while the appropriate shape of the upper allows for more stable ankle support and protection.


Trekking is an activity that puts hiking boots through intense use. At Conhpol, the materials used in crafting Polish trekking boots are resistant to abrasion, various damages, and importantly, weather conditions. In trekking footwear, particular attention is given to finding durable laces that won’t wear out quickly, especially at unexpected times. This is crucial for both the comfort of using the boots and safety.

The right shoes for the right occasion

Conhpol’s Polish-made trekking shoes are a great choice when you need a sturdy product crafted in a Polish factory to global standards. When choosing your dream pair, remember to select the right size and model tailored to the specific activity. Proper sizing ensures optimal control over movement and helps avoid any discomfort, like blisters, which can be unpleasant during long hikes.

Among the many models of Polish-made trekking shoes, it’s worth choosing ones that match the activities you’ll be undertaking. Footwear suitable for an afternoon hike on less demanding terrain may not always be the best choice for a multi-day mountain trek. At Conhpol, we’ll prepare footwear for every eventuality!