Lightweight shoe soles – Extra Light

Resistant to abrasion and with excellent cushioning.

Discover the technology of super lightweight soles used in the Conhpol brand.


Extra Light technology in shoe sole production is one of the latest achievements in the footwear industry. It offers many benefits, including exceptional lightness, durability, flexibility, and comfort. By using this technology, shoes are much lighter and more ergonomic, which improves the comfort during walking and reduces foot fatigue.

At Conhpol, our company specializing in the production of women’s and men’s shoes, we use Extra Light technology to produce soles in our latest models. Our shoes are made of the best materials, and their soles are exceptionally light and flexible. This not only makes our shoes very comfortable but also resistant to damage, extending their lifespan.

Furthermore, our shoes with Extra Light technology are ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle and want to enjoy comfort all day long. They can be used for everyday wear, as well as for longer walks or training sessions.

At Conhpol, we focus on innovation and the highest quality, which is why using Extra Light technology is a natural choice for us. Thanks to it, our shoes are not only fashionable and stylish but also functional and comfortable to wear. We encourage you to check out our offer and choose shoes that meet your expectations in every way.

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