What is the difference between a leather sole and a thunit sole? Which one has more advantages? Which one should be chosen for a particular occasion? The choice is not easy, especially that there are so many myths and gossips about them. Today we will try to put some light on both of them and help you to make the right decision. 

First of all: leather soles are, without any doubt, the most elegant and exclusive. Like all luxury goods, however, they have their drawbacks, and one of the most important is that leather soles are prone to soaking. It is particular crucial in our climate and should be definitely taken into consideration.

Although thunit looks like leather it is, in fact, a special kind of rubber. It is used to manufacture high-quality footwear. To be clear: in luxury terms, fist comes a leather sole, then a thunit sole and finally an ordinary rubber sole. Still difficult to choose? Let’s continue on the properties of both materials.


Thunit sole

Leather sole is an excellent choice for very elegant shoes, especially for unique occasions. Leather is precious, catches the eye and gives extraordinary style. In addition, leather sole breathes and adopts to the foot like no other material, which guarantees maximum comfort.


Leather sole

When used every day, a leather sole can be easily worn off and, what is worse, soaked. Unfortunately, a soaked leather sole is irreparably damaged, thus it is good only for a dry weather Even if leather sole is undoubtedly beautiful, it is not suitable for long marches in the autumn or winter aura. If it is lacquered or painted in a different color (eg.black), it rubs quite quickly and reveal the original colour of the sole, which is not always aesthetically pleasing. The original color can be restored by proper cleaning and then waxing.

Although leather has some limitations it should not be treated as an ephemeral or delicate material. Leather soles are made from specially tanned, hard skin. When the proper care is ensured, i.e leather is dried each time and preserved with special protective creams, it is very durable, and its prestige is unquestionable as it is used in high quality shoes by reputable manufacturers.

Stay tuned! In the next article there will be more about thunit. We will explain what it is made of, when it is used, what are its advantages and many, many more.