To describe the company in a few sentences, it is worth mentioning that it was founded in 1978. Artisan traditions cultivated for years and precision workmanship guarantee high quality shoes.

We invite our retail customers to the factory shop of the Conhpol company, located in Stanisław Dolny near Wadowice. There are about ten thousand models of the highest quality shoes in the Outlet, including many limited series.

Thanks to the form of a factory shop, we offer prices for current collections of women’s and men’s footwear as well as sales collections for all families of brands: Conhpol, Conhpol Gold, Conhpol Bis, Conhpol Dynamic and Conhpol Relax.

Stanisław Dolny 400 A
34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Opening hours:
monday-friday 8:00-17:00
saturday 8:00-13:00

Contact us:
+48 33 876 76 66, ext. 122