Every day, 200 Polish craftsmen based in the vicinity of Krakow produce 1,500 pairs of high-quality shoes which are shipped to countries on 5 continents. What is it that makes foreign companies so eager to choose Conhpol, a Polish footwear manufacturer, as a wholesale supplier of private label products? 

Popular private label manufacturer
The UK, Canada, and Saudi Arabia – our shoes can be found under various brands all over the world. The secret of this popularity lies in the fact that we are a family business with over 40 years of history and we put our whole heart into what we do. We have been present in the global market for more than a dozen years and know exactly how to help companies meet their individual needs.

Advantages of Polish footwear production
We manufacture shoes in Poland but we cooperate with companies from many different countries. We know the specific character of the international markets and we can adapt to it. We offer our customers 2,000 active models based on different shapes. On individual demand, our design and construction team can create any specific design. We ensure that all sizes are fully adapted to the local standards, which also includes shoe width.

Benefits of cooperation with a Polish private label manufacturer
– Top quality craftsmanship, handmade.
– Excellent knowledge of international markets.
– 100% repeatability in terms of sizes.
– Production in our own production facilities.
– In-house design and construction office.
– Best materials – leathers of European origin meeting strict EU standards

Polish footwear manufacturer focused on quality
As a Polish manufacturer of handmade shoes made of natural leather we provide products that are of high quality and wearable, and provide maximum comfort and aesthetics that meet customers’ expectations. We are constantly present at international fairs, where we gain knowledge about trends and the latest technologies. We are happy to share this knowledge with our foreign contractors.

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