White Label – Conhpol

What is white label?

Anyone who would like to sell products under their own brand, but does not have special facilities for their production, can take advantage of the white label model. It is a form of collaboration between a producer and a retailer, in which the goods manufactured by the former are signed and distributed by the latter to individual customers.

The term “white label” refers to a blank space where you can place your own logo. In other words, if you want to sell shoes made in Conhpol, you can choose from over 10,000 of our ready-made footwear designs, mark them with your brand logo, pack them in a box with your logo and offer them as your own product – in your stationary or online store.


White label – advantages

Who benefits from this type of collaboration? Everyone does. Both the manufacturer and the retailer, as well as the final customer, i.e. the individual who purchases the footwear, are the beneficiaries of this collaboration model.

Benefits for the seller

· you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure – you are not limited by resources, such as production plants or employees. You don’t even have to know anything about the footwear production process;

· you do not have to test new products – we will provide you with proven, top quality shoes that have already been successfully sold under other brands;

· you can choose from several thousand footwear designs that we have in our offer;

· you will receive the ordered product quickly – by skipping the stage of footwear design and the detailed arrangements that usually accompany it, we will manufacture the model of your choice in a much shorter time;

· you save money – you do not have to invest in technological facilities or hire people to work in the footwear production process;

· you create the image of a trustworthy store, as you offer high quality shoes. This increases your chance of achieving success and gaining a group of regular, satisfied customers who will recommend your products to others;

· you will stand out from the competition.

Benefits for the retail customer

· high-quality shoes – because Conhpol produces only such footwear, no matter the brand under which they will be later distributed;

· comfortable shoes… – because they are made of lightweight and durable materials, and have all the required certificates;

· fashionable shoes – we focus on the classic – leather shoes are a timeless choice, not a trend that passes with time;

· a place which offers leather shoes for any occasion – both for women and men;

· no need to worry about warranty – our footwear is thoroughly tested for durability and strength.

Benefits for the manufacturer

· we are proud that our footwear – sold under various brands – goes to retail customers in Poland and around the world;

· new projects are new challenges for our team – we are constantly developing;

· satisfied customers recommend us to others – as a result our shoes reach new markets, including foreign ones.


What makes us special? White label in Conhpol

Why is Conhpol a good choice if you are looking for white label cooperation? There are at least a few reasons why more and more clients use this solution. It is important to know that:

· the quality of the footwear we produce is the highest value for us: we take care of the details, we test raw materials in terms of strength;

· we have experience – our footwear is sold worldwide (under the Conhpol brand and others);

· we will be happy to advise you on which shoe model to choose to match your brand image;

· we take over the entire footwear production process;

· we also take care of packaging and labelling (we receive brand materials from the customer or commission their production to external companies);

· we continuously raise our qualifications by participating in trainings and industry events;

· our competence and skills are confirmed by numerous awards.


If you are interested in white label collaboration, please contact us. We also offer private label manufacturing, i.e. developing individual projects tailored to your needs. Make an appointment and let’s talk about the details.