This year, Krakow had the honor of hosting the World Youth Days. 

Conhpol also joined the celebration in the way that the company knows the best. Conhpol created two pairs of shoes which are in the same time ordinary and exceptional.


Why are they unique? Because they were created for the unique occassion for one of the most important people in the world: Pope Francis. Can such shoes be called “ordinary”?


In some respects the answer is yes. Apart from the reason of their creation, these two pairs of shoes were made from the finest materials and with the utmost care. Simply, it is the same way that Conhpol produces all pairs

Dwie Pary Butów


The upper was made of one of the most valued leathers: calfskin. Additionally, the leather was subject to a special process that ensures easy maintenance, extreme flexibility and comfort.


Conhpol took care of all details. The lining of the shoe was made of high quality cowhide leather, which is very durable, adaptable to the foot and, what is more, is able to better absorb the heat. Extra comfort, perceptible even after hours of walking or standing, is possible thanks to the foam padding.



And when it comes to walking comfort, the key is the selection of soles. For Pope’s shoes, the special material from Italy called Extra Light was used (click here to read more about this fabric). Extra Light is an excellent choice for everyone who leads an active lifestyle. This type of soles are extremely lightweight and cushioning and, in the same time, very durable. Shoes with Extra Light soles perfectly relieve the spine. The effect is further enhanced by the foam padding inside the shoe.

Buty Papieża

Both pairs were made by hand with the special attention to details. They were manufactured in Conhpol production hall in Stanisław Górny with the same materials that are used for Conhpol shoes available in stores.  Shoes for Pope Francis went off the line on Friday, July 22, 2016.