Classic black

Conhpol has been producing elegant and business shoes for men for several years. This type of footwear is the brand’s main specialization and the company pays special attention to make it well-adjusted to feet so that grooms can wear them immediately after the purchase, without any fear. Most grooms still decide in favor of timeless black. Today, Oxford shoes are the most exclusive footwear for men and we highly recommend this model. The sole is made from natural leather and this significantly increases the comfort of wear.


Elegant bronze

Bronze is another color that serves well during weddings and continues to reign at the top of men’s list of colors. It looks well with practically all colors that can be found in male wardrobe. Furthermore, thanks to antique polishing, shoes gain a nobly appearance. Dimmed toe caps, quarters and seams ensure the intended effect of senescence. Soles made from the so-called thunit, which closely resembles natural leather, are characterized by higher durability and this make the shoe suitable for dancing.

Brązowy Oxford

Burgundy, navy blue, bottle-green

As for grooms who wish to stand out during the wedding, Conhpol recommends formal shoes available in new colors – burgundy or bottle-green! You can also decide in favor of navy blue. All these options will surely attract attention and maintain a highly elegant look. Upon creating models in new colors, Conhpol aims at meeting the current fashion trends. Nowadays, gentlemen have an increasingly wide choice of colors of wedding suits. There are not only gray and navy blue, but also burgundy, bottle-green and even include grids with a predominance of red. Therefore, it is important to properly match shoes and look perfect on your wedding.

Conhpol elevator shoes for men

Elevator shoes are one of the most frequently selected shoe models for weddings and other formal occasions. The patented method of invisible elevation system adds up to 7 cm in height! However, one needs to remember to purchase longer pants to this particular shoe model. 


We can be sure that everything will look perfectly on both photos and in reality.


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