The interior of the shoe that is, lining. Do you pay attention to it when buying shoes?

Most people would say that when buying shoes, the most important thing is how they look and what leather they are made of. It is, undoubtedly, true but as it happens in real life, there is always a catch. One of the most crucial part of the shoe is… its interior. Let’s take a deeper look into it. 


The interior of the shoe that is, lining. Do you pay attention to it when buying shoes?


Lining, in addition to the leather that the upper is made of and fabrics used in the production of soles, is the most important for the convenience and comfort of wearing shoes. It must meet several standards to be a high-grade, durable and comfortable product.


Firstly, let’s focus on the type of leather that the lining can be made of. We can choose between three types of leather: porcine, bovine and goat.


Lining made of porcine leather is the most popular due to its competitive price and availability. In most cases this kind of lining works perfectly because the most important thing is that the interior of the shoe is also made of leather. Nonetheless, porcine leather is less durable than bovine leather.

Without any doubt, bovine leather is the best choice when it comes to shoe lining. Bovine leather, apart from being extremely comfortable, increases the hygiene seeing that the moisture is drained through lining and upper. As a result, the foot is not overheated or grazed, which could cause discomfort.


Another excellent fabric for lining is gotaskin. Less frequently used than bovine leather, goatskin is more delicate, often given a gloss finish, also used in the shoes of the highest quality. Its properties are similar to bovine leather therefore it is highly recommendable to everyone who is looking for footwear from the top shelf.


Lining is one of the most important part of the shoe due to its direct contact with the foot. Therefore, its source of origin should not be underestimated since, in some countries, chemicals used in the tanning process do not meet standards related to high level of protection of health and environment.


It may be difficult to recognize at a glance what kind of leather the lining is made of, so it is always worth asking the salesman, who should provide detailed information regarding the components of the shoe. It is also good to remember that genuine leather shoes must be marked with special pictogram on the transparent sticker inside the shoe.

The market is flooded with many low-quality fakes and not every seller is trustworthy. You may ask how to prevent yourself from the fatal error? Fortunately it is not that difficult.


Leather used for lining, regardless whether bovine or goat, should be, at first, selected by the manufacturer in terms of their quality and properties. It should come from Europe and comply with high standards. You can obviously easily find a lot of cheaper substitues but they are also poorer quality. Having made the selection, leather must be tanned, matched to appropriate model of the shoe and then professionally constructed.


The whole process is not a simple at all. Only a reliable manufacturer with a well-established position on the market is able to ensure the high quality of components and workmanship.


Conhpol shoes are entirely made of leather that comes from certified european sources that meet formal requirements, they are then designed and constructed by the best craftsmen. Only such shoes give you a real feeling of comfort. They are not only attractive but give a great pleasure from walking.