Exotic Leather and CITES Certificate

When purchasing shoes made of exotic leather from Conhpol, you will receive a corresponding CITES certificate – a guarantee of the authenticity and legality of the materials used.

The collections offered by Conhpol include not only products made of classic leathers but also footwear made from exotic leathers. As the name suggests, these are obtained from animals living in distant tropical countries. Shoes made from exotic leather are chosen by customers who value an original, distinctive style.

When buying exotic leather, it is essential to pay attention to their origin. By choosing Conhpol, you gain a guarantee of the authenticity and legality of the sources of the leathers, confirmed by the appropriate certificate.

CITES Certificate

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) aims to limit uncontrolled harvesting of exotic animal skins.

It serves to protect species whose populations are decreasing and regulate the rules for transporting them between countries. It is easy to find a list of species covered by the CITES convention online, which includes crocodiles and certain snakes, whose skins are used in footwear production.

Illegal transportation of endangered species and any materials obtained from them is a crime punishable by imprisonment for 3 to 5 years.

Having a CITES certificate, or a certificate or permit, is a guarantee of legal acquisition and transportation of species listed by CITES. At Conhpol, we adhere to international agreements under the convention, so customers who buy exotic leather shoes from our brand receive the appropriate CITES certificate.

What is the CITES document used for and what does it look like?

It is worth knowing that customs officials at airports verify the origin of skins transported by passengers on flights from exotic countries.

The lack of a CITES certificate may result in the goods being confiscated. When traveling in Conhpol shoes, you do not have to worry about such checks.

When you buy our exotic leather footwear (even if it contains only inserts), you receive a CITES document in the form of a small card resembling a credit card, with an individual number. Just visit the CONHPOL CITES website and enter the number to download the full documentation confirming the legal origin of the product.

You can travel calmly with the well-prepared documentation, without worrying about any problems at the airport.

The exotic leather shoes we produce at Conhpol

In our Polish factories, we produce footwear with elements made of snake, crocodile, or ostrich leather. We distribute models in which the upper is made of exotic leather, while the interior and lining are made of classic, for example, bovine leather. Such shoes provide a guarantee of comfort and luxurious appearance.

Here is a brief description of the exotic leathers used in the production of our shoes

Crocodile skin

Crocodile skin is not found in Poland. This is obvious, as with other exotic skin types. Consumers often wonder how to recognize real crocodile skin and distinguish it from imitations. Firstly, the porosity, or the arrangement of veins and spots on the surface of crocodile or alligator skin, is irregular. Each pair of shoes made from this material is a unique and one-of-a-kind product. Natural crocodile skin is also characterized by a distinctive smell. However, the most important thing is the certificate, which we discussed above. Included with the product, it guarantees that:

  • we are buying authentic crocodile skin shoes;
  • the animal skin was obtained legally and in accordance with CITES.

When looking for crocodile or alligator skin shoes, we can choose from shiny, matte or semi-matte models. By wearing such shoes, you will definitely attract attention.

This accessory is considered somewhat extravagant and certainly serves as a status symbol for its owner.

Snake skin shoes

It is not difficult to find imitation snake skin on the market, which has a distinctive appearance but only shares a decorative motif with real snake skin.

Natural snake skin shoes are a luxury item, with a relatively high price and a unique appearance. Due to the unique pattern, each pair of snake skin shoes is exceptional, making them perfect for people who want to stand out with an individual style.

Ostrich skin

Very durable, breathable, and comfortable – these are the features that describe ostrich skin shoes.

However, the most distinctive aspect of such footwear is its appearance – covered with bumps that are remnants of bird feathers.

Ostrich skin is primarily used to create decorative elements on the shafts of shoes.

Skin obtained from ostrich legs is also used for embellishing shoes.

Without a doubt, the owner of such an accessory will stand out with their style.