It is often said that true elegance is permanent and unchangeable. The true gentlemen were those from 1940’, 50’ and 60′, and everything that happened afterwards is a mere attempt or a imitation. Is that really true?


Although the style of gentlemen from Hollywood’s Golden Age can be admirable, we have to admit that men’s fashion is constantly changing. Afterall, classical, wide, double-breasted jackets worn in the 30’ are not a fashion hit anymore. Looking back a hundred years back, we would see ruffles and high collars that today are not only unacceptable, but also, somewhat, ridiculous.


Is there a lesson to be learned here? Well yes, there is. First, a true gentleman has his own, authentic style and second, he does not reject novelties out of principle.


When it comes to shoes, we believe that although the classic is winsome, only thinking outside of the box can bring something special to the table. We’re experts in our field, and we know all there is to know about shoes: their ergonomics, soles and their impact on comfort, gait, mood and presence of their owner. That is why we use ExtraLight echnology when creating footwear.

Extra Light

The term “ExtraLight” refers to one of the properties of the sole – incredible lightness. Compared to the shoe with leather or rubber sole, shoes with ExtraLight sole are significantly lighter. It is especially noticeable daily use, when several grams less on your feet give pleasant comfort instead of painful fatigue.


What makes the difference? ExtraLight soles are made of special, foam-like material. As we live in technology-driven century, the material that ExtraLight soles are made of is not only light but also extremely durable and perfectly cushioning. As a result, ExtraLight soles are favoured by people who need to walk considerable distances: businessmen, politicians, journalists and also… students.

Extra Light

As opposed to traditional, hard heels in men’s shoes, ExtraLight has it all: it’s durable, soft and comfortable all at once. Material effectively amortizes feet, eliminating troublesome heel pain.


Durability and unique cushioning properties have a direct, positive influence on the health of a gentleman, and specifically on his spine. The appropriate absorbing and low stress on spine reduces or even eliminates the pain. It allows to not only go smoothly through an intense day, but to feel good in the evening.


The wearing comfort is also increased by another feature of ExtraLight material- flexibility and adhesion. The sole is imperceptible when walking, much more ductile than commonly used rubber and less rigid than leather soles. Waterproof, synthetic material allows you to walk easily and gracefully like a true gentleman, even in difficult conditions. With ExtraLight soles you need not fret about slippery floors, wet, autumn and early spring puddles or summer hot pavements.

Extra Light

Do you want to stay classy and stylish? Vote for ExtraLight. It can be easily dyed in any colour, so it is a perfect choice for classic solutions (black and brown soles) as well as for playing with forms and colours. ExtraLight sole combined with classic, leather upper gives possibility for creating own, recognizable style.


What can we recommend for strict supporters of male elegance in the most classic edition? For official, evening events there is only one good answer: a leather sole. For all others, go ExtraLight. Try them once and you will never want anything else.