Although we think the winter season is almost over, it is still February. But these cold days can be the last opportunity to play with a winter wardrobe and dress a little bit warmer. Let it be cozy and natural, but classy. You may ask how to achieve this in a few, easy steps?


Sebastian Zawiliński, the Top Model participant, through the lens of Adam Cekiera, presents outfits, that will appeal to every single man who likes wearing casual but not being overdressed.


A thin, beige turtleneck is not only a comfortable piece of clothing, when mercury drops. It is indeed cozy but in the same time elegant, associated with English gentlemen who spend their spare time during lazy weekend afternoons drinking tea. A turtleneck, paired with dark jeans and ankle boots, gives a unique effect of effortless elegance in a sporty style.

Sebastian Zawiliński w butach Conhpol

As the weather is still moody, complete the outfit with classic, knee-length coat. Enjoy longer and longer afternoon in a chic style.