Wearing a pair of handmade shoes of natural leather is a conscious choice, appreciation of craftsmanship and the quality. Conhpol since 40 years, being a producer of footwear, puts on reliability, hard work and commitment, transforming the handwork into art.
Everything starts with creativity. Through an idea transferred to paper and then the choice of materials and cooperation employees become a ready product that can reach your hand.



The skins what we used for the production of footwear are only of European origin (mainly Italian and Polish), which meets stringent European standards. We use only the highest quality outer skins: cow, calf, goat and exotic (crocodile, python, ostrich, kangaroo) with the necessary CITES certificates, which prove authenticity and legality. Soles are made of leather, and plastics: the so-called thunit, real rubber and modern, durable and ultra-light EVA.



With a regular participation in international fairs, the company gain knowledge about the specifics of different footwear markets, the latest trends in the industry, new materials, accessories and technologies which is reflected in the quality of our footwear. On the footwear market, we distinguish by a wide range of made shoes for men and attention to every, even the smallest their component.


100% Polish production

At the moment the production based on a modern machine park, supported by its own design and construction department and thanks to about 200 Polish craftsmen reaches 1500 pairs per day,
and our product come at to 5 continents.



Two assembly line located in the south of Poland, near Krakow:

Stanisław Dolny 400A / 34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
Stanisław Górny 136 B / 34-105 Wysoka

In addition, in Stanisław Górny, the Company has its own showroom,
where it presents its clients about 1600 models of men’s footwear.