Leather soles are undeniably extremely elegant and noteworthy.

The alternative of leather soles are these made of rubber, for example thunit.

Thunit is a special synthetic material that is confusingly similar to natural leather. Technically, thunit is a kind of rubber but in terms of look has nothing in common with thick, black soles of wellington.


No wonder thunit is so popular, because it is beautiful and has a lot of advantages First of all, thunit is resistant to abrasion, so much more durable. Rubber, as opposed to leather, is also water-repellent, so you can enjoy shoes with thunit sole during rainy or winter weather. Although thunit is a rubber it is very similar to leather soles, thus it is both very practical and elegant. Thunit soles can be found in high quality shoes for different occasions like weddings, parties or balls.

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So, what to choose?

Leather or thunit sole?

As mentioned, leather sole is second to none in some ways. It is definitely the determinant of elegance. However, leather-soled shoes are not suitable for all weather conditions and they must rest on boot trees; preferably as much time as they were used.


Thunit is something more than a simple replacement of leather. None of us can control every single step and thunit forgives much more than leather. What is more, thunit is a high-grade material and it is very difficult to distinguish it from leather at first glance. All in all, thunit-soled shoes are not only a good alternative for leather-soled ones but a right choice for a moody weather or uneven pavements.