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The Conhpol brand as a symbol of the quality of footwear in Małopolskie Province – Implementation of the International Business Activity Plan,
co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme for Małopolskie Province for 2014–2020: Priority Axis 3: Entrepreneurial Małopolskie Province; Measure 3.3: Internationalising the Economy of Małopolskie Province; Sub-measure 3.3.2: International Activity of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Based in Małopolskie Province.


Project objective:
Internationalization of the range of products manufactured by Conhpol and building of the image of a brand from Małopolskie Province by implementing the International Business Activity Plan.


Project implementation envisages achievement of the following results: entering the international market, increasing the company’s revenue and profit from the company’s operations, developing products and improving their quality, increasing the scale of production, strengthening the company’s image, increasing the volume of Polish exports, creating a positive image of the company, promoting Poland as an attractive trade partner, enhancing the recognition of Polish brands, especially brands from Małopolskie Province, on international markets.


Project value: PLN 447.958,12
Contribution from the European Fund: PLN 199.789,32




Conhpol is a partner of the project of Małopolskie Province called “Made in Małopolska”, constituting a platform for marketing cooperation between Małopolskie Province and Partners from key industries for the region. The planned objective of the project is increased recognition of the region as a brand being built on the basis of the potential of individual brands that will operate in Małopolska under a joint brand “Made in Małopolska”. The basis for cooperation will be bilateral use of the image potential of cooperating brands and multiplication of the image effect in order to achieve a lasting synergy effect in the area of promotion. The project will constitute a platform for marketing communication with recognisable entities important for the image of the region. The partners are entities with significant market reputation, widely recognisable, positively associated due to the high quality of goods manufactured and services provided by them as well as due to the place of origin and business activity, which declared participation in the project “Made in Małopolska”.


The project envisages building a positive association of individual brands with the place of their origin in the minds of Małopolskie Province residents and tourists, and the mark “Made in Małopolska” will emphasise the place of origin of companies and products as well as confirm their quality and reputation.


Use of the mark will be a signal for consumers that Conhpol’s products are worth recommending.



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