Collection means utmost care for details, highest quality materials and sublime design.It means a wide selection of models, from classic and suit design, through casual shoes, up to summer shoes based on the Italian style! Learn about our representative models.


Oxford and Derb

in sallow colours made of quality natural materials. Manually finished crust cowhide allows for non-standard brown hues. It is a trend that is becoming more and more in vogue.

A visible perforation

in suit shoes is something that will make you feel special and very comfortable at the same time.


A detail that decorates. Black that attracts attention.

Loafers and Derb in the most classic version, on a leather sole.



without the need to undo the buckle – a new concept by Conhpol with additional rubber bands facilitating use. Combination of grain leather and velour imparts a casual look and allows for a wide use of that model in everyday life.

Business style

on light soles. The collection enriched by new summer colours – maroon and green.


Loafers made of delicate calfskin

combined with braided thong. Italian style – Italian finishing!


New structure

of Conhpol originale mocassino. Moccasines made of highest quality velour with reinforced strength, with a light rubber sole.

Thick soles

have found their place in men’s fashion and a light structure allows for better comfort. Braided thong around the sole introduces a special character to summer shoes.