Autumn/Winter 2016/17 is a collection full of strong colors, elegant textures and unparalleled mixes of texture, color and materials. Those fond of even bolder accents won’t be dissapointed as well.

Distinctive for the brand, classic character of the collection is accompanied  by strong, rock & roll accents and an avant-garde climate. Belts, buckles, blacks, firm textures and distinctive soles give an every-day apparel character and spice.


A special for fans of original combinations and modern solutions: a shark sole.  Lightweight, non-slip, durable and edgy.

The shark sole was created for more than spectacular appearance. It’s also extremely practical, especially in colder weather of winter. It’s a great combination of traditional, elegant shoe with the advantages of modern materials. Sharks also look great in business casual outfits.


Different types of leathers, colors, textures and materials are boldly combined for the best, sophisticated effect. Fresh, dynamic mixes is the leitmotiv of the season.